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Sterilization Standard and Hygiene

Hygiene is the major concerned in Phuket Dental Home Clinic Karon. 

For safety and healthy environment, we strictly follow the methods of equipment sterilization for your protection. To maintain and increase productivity while ensuring that patients’ safety remains a top priority. We have a designated area for instrument reprocessing that is separated from the dental treatment room since cleaning, sterilize and storing instruments in the same room where the delivery of patient care is provided increase the risk of cross contamination. Single-use only instruments mostly used as much as we could. Infection control procedure efficiently by using ultrasonic cleaner, washer and Autoclave is used to sterilize all dental equipment and hand pieces by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 degree Celsius.

Not only the sterilization system,but also - Air purifier is provided in each dental treatment room and all area in Phuket Dental Home Clinic Karon.

It helps removing and destroying contaminants released during certain procedures from the air in the room, removing impurities such as carbondioxide (CO2) and maintaining the acceptable level of healthy indoor air quality in such a sensitive environment like Dental Clinic.

Personal Safety Glass on each dental treatment for protecting purpose is individually provided for each patient.

Personal protection for both dentists and patients is important in the dental operatory. Something as common as prophy paste can cause splatter, so dental eye protection can be useful to have on hand for even the most routine appointments. Contamination of the eye with bodily fluid such as blood and saliva carries with it several potential risks, both bacterial and viral Since the surface of the eye is a vital structure, simple contact with an infected substance, for example from a contaminated aerosol, has the potential to cause infection, without the need to be breached. Dental face shields can protect a clinician from sprays and splatters while providing a full field of vision. Dental protective glasses can be handy for protecting both dentist’s and patient’s eyes from debris, with some glasses designed to provide special protection while using dental lasers or curing lights. Tinted glasses for patients can be a nice way to improve their experiences, as these shades can keep the operatory lighting from hurting their eyes during a visit to the dentist or while receiving the laser tooth whitening.

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